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Our Purpose > Dover First Moravian
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Dover First Moravian Church


Our Purpose:

There are five purposes for the church. These five purposes, when accomplished in a balanced way, complete Christ's mission and make our mission clearer.

1. Worship: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. This is thanks and praise of the One who gives us hope.

2. Ministry: Love your neighbor as yourself. This is being a hope to others.

3. Fellowship: Become part of church family Christ has planned through identification or baptism. This is identification with, or stating our intention to be a hope and to have hope in the Savior. The Church is the vehicle Christ chose to accomplish His mission on Earth. Not a bunch of individuals…

4. Evangelism: Share the Good News with others (go into the whole world telling others about Jesus). This is sharing our hope with others: being a hope.

5. Discipleship: Becoming the kind of Christian Christ wants us to be (teaching them to observe all things He has commanded). This is getting to know our Hope and about being a hope to others.

So we carry out our mission of being a hope to others and trusting in the ultimate Hope by carrying out all the purposes that Jesus, the Head of the Church has defined and called us to.

Our Motto:

In Essentials: Unity;

In Non-Essentials: Liberty;
In All Things: Love.





Our Mission:

L - Lead all people to Jesus Christ.
O - Obey God's Commands.
V - Value and nurture spiritual growth.
E - Encourage Christian Service.


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